Philip Portera

Philip Portera
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About Agent

My Professional Experience It is always important to know the background of your agent. You are entrusting them to supporting you with one of the largest financial decisions of your life!Prior to becoming a real estate agent, I have had an extensive career for over 35 years managing large-scale construction projects across the continental United States. My responsibilities included building state-of-the-art facilities for several major corporations. Companies like Bankers Trust, Merrill Lynch, MCI WorldCom, Verio Inc. are but a few of the corporations in which I was responsible for building some of the most sophisticated business complexes of their time.As Executive Vice President and General Manager of a consulting firm, I developed a construction management technique blending technology and construction practices on a national level. The success from this technique earned me a spotlight on a television broadcast of ABC’s Business Now program as well as several industry awards. This experience has directed my attention in later years to residential and commercial construction and renovation and ultimately fulltime into the real estate industry.My years of experience include renovating and reselling investor properties in both Monmouth and Ocean County. My know-how in handling renovations, staging and marketing properties together with my contract negotiations expertise gives me the specific talents you need when buying or selling your home. Since, each home is unique in its style, condition and character, my background and experience can provide you with a Comprehensive Market Analysis that will detail and include all aspects of the home.